As mentioned, I wanted to try out Zalman’s new passive cooling solution for
the Graphics Card on this budget card.

0dBA is no fake, there’s no fan at all! VNF100.

Main bulk of the cooling relies on a long array of aluminum fins, anodized
attractively in blue. 3 heat pipes run to transfer heat to the fins.

The rest of the bundled parts include the aluminum base, base heatsink, 2
types of mounting brackets, and 8 low-profile heatsinks for the RAMs.

Alas, the mounting couldn’t be performed fully with the base heatsink due to
a tall capacitor nearby, but using the second mounting bracket on the first one
bound everything together.

End result wasn’t that great, 49C in idle state:

At load it goes up to 63C. Bear in mind that the cooler is totally silent
and passive, and that the base heatsink is missing from the equation due to
blockage of the capacitor.
In any case, I wanted to squeeze more value out
of the POV 8400GS, so I strapped back the default cooler, and performed a simple
pencil mod to raise voltage for further overclocks.