First off, measure the GPU voltage from the point marked above. Default is
around 1.25v. Then, pencil the resistor marked above bit by bit to increase
voltage. I took voltage up to 1.5v and did some overclocking tests.

5,000 3D Mark 05 was breached with this low-cost video card! It did a
740MHz core, 61% higher than the default, and 515MHz Memory, 72% higher than
Considering it is on the default cooler, and with no additional PCI-E
power connector, this result is surely impressive. And it shows from
performance, 72% boost in performance from the default is nothing to
laugh at, or everything to laugh about ironically! Does it not get close in
performance to it’s more expensive brother the 8500GS? Yes indeed! The only
thing I find fault with the card is that for some reason, the DVI output at over
1280×1024 resolution doesn’t produce that good a quality in image.