We have something slightly refreshing in the market now – low profile cards that have HDMI output, making them a great choice for HTPC setups. We took the PoV 8600 GT for a quick spin to find out more about it.

nVidia’s GeForce 8800 GT cards have just been released a week ago. Unfortunately, demand for the 8800 GT is so high that all cards were snapped up within a few days at all the local stores. The 8800 GT may be blazingly fast, but it also outputs a fair amount of heat, and requires extra juice to run, making it a no-no for anyone looking for a small form factor PC or a home-theatre PC.

We have here in our labs the Point of View 8600 GT. It is a half-height PCI Express graphics card, and it comes with both DVI and HDMI outputs (one each). As HDMI is available, it would bring a smile to users looking for an easy HTPC setup process. With the graphics core being an 8600 GT, it packs quite a bit of punch of processing power for some of the latest games in the market.

Let us look at the following table about the eVGA and PoV cards.

Reference 8600 GTeVGA 8600 GT SuperOCPoint of View 8600 GT

Stream Processors


Core Clock


Shader Clock


Memory Clock


Power Connector



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