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Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS Finally Revealed

Nintendo has finally revealed the newest and the first main Pokemon title game for the Nintendo 3DS. The Pokemon X and Y features an enhanced 360 degree 3D environment and even more Pokemons.

What's new for the Pokemon X and Y? Well, we're going to expect a new set of Pokemons as usual, with the three basic Pokemon in their usual Fire, Water and Grass types but with an entirely different identity. But aside from the usual new stuff, probably the most noticeable difference in Pokemon X and Y is its graphics implementation. 3D graphics in Pokemon has been done since way back in Diamond and Pearl, with Black and White versions even using actual 3D environments (as opposed to Pearl and Diamond's "3D-fied" settings). However, this new main title Pokemon game would use a more "ground-to-earth" 3D environment, to catch up to the higher specifications of the 3DS. This changes the perspective of the game to an even more immersive one, albeit older players might miss the standard feel of the game that is still somehow given by Black and White.

So far, the trailer has only revealed the look and feel of Pokemon X and Y's new world, although a few shots  gives us a peek of some of the new features that we can expect from the new title.

The release date for Pokemon X and Y is set sometime on October 2013, and yes, that release date is not only for Japan, for but for Europe and North America as well. This would be the first time that any main Pokemon title is slated for a multi-national release.

Source: 4Gamer (JP), Nintendo (JP)

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