SwiftKey is revered as one of the best third-party keyboards available on Android, and a leak suggests it could make its way to iOS as a note-taking app. 


Leakster extraordinaire evleaks tweeted a photo showing off an iPhone running an app called “SwiftKey Note.” While at first glance it appears like any other note-taking app, a closer look reveals that the keyboard in the screenshot has an autocorrect row on top, something which isn’t present in iOS’ default keyboard. SwiftKey’s predictive text functionality is what has made it the number one third-party keyboard on Android, and since iOS doesn’t allow using third-party keyboards as the system default, it seems the makers of SwiftKey are taking a different road to offer its keyboard to iOS users.

For the patient folks, SwiftKey Note would also offer the opportunity to use the advanced keyboard functionality for inserting text in other apps. It would be a long-winded process including typing in SwiftKey Note then copying the text to other apps, but for those that have been jealous of their friends’ Android devices having access to SwiftKey, it could be a good workaround anyway, at least until Apple builds in the ability to choose the default keyboard in iOS.

It’s also possible that SwiftKey will offer its keyboard to developers as part of an SDK for implementing into their own apps, though we’ll have to wait for more concrete details to see how the keyboard ends up on Apple’s mobile operating system.