Bored of math class? Love Valve's puzzle game Portal? Well, you can kill two birds in one stone now, with the new Portal game for Texas Instruments calculators.

If you own a Texas Instruments graphing calculator, chances are, like me, that you have some games on it. TI calculators have a surprisingly robust programming language available to them, and games (many, many games) have been made for them over the years. Super Mario clones and even a version of Doom have been released by homebrew programmers who wanted to make math class more entertaining.

The latest game to hit the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus calculators, is Portal, the puzzle game by Valve. Before you get your hopes too high, this isn't a port of the original game, but rather a remake akin to the flash based Portal game you can find here. Still, for a game on a calculator, it's really impressive. The game was created by a programmer named Builderboy and is available on Omnimaga. Check out a video of it below: