It offers a glimpse of what Apple’s next generation flagship smartphone may look like.


Amid mounting rumors of Apple working on an iPhone with a larger display, this alleged iPhone 6 front panel hints at that very possibility, even if the display size isn’t precisely what’s being thrown around in the rumor mill.

Currently it is widely believed that the company is finally going to give in and launch an iPhone later this year that has a larger display. Almost all rumors peg the display size at 4.7-inches. It is also believed that Apple is going to opt for sapphire covered displays instead of Corning’s Gorilla Glass. There’s a lot of speculation about the display, and previous rumors suggest that the company has played around with various sizes, ranging from 4-inches to 6-inches. So it remains a possibility that the alleged iPhone 6 front panel seen here may belong to one of those prototypes.

One can easily discern by simply looking at the alleged panel that the bezels have been significantly slimmed down, this allows the company to fit a larger display without having to increase the overall size of the front panel by quite a margin. Even though slim bezels open up more space, it doesn’t seem like a 4.7-inch display would fit in this front panel, it seems to hover around 4.3-inches, a figure that has come up only once before in iPhone 6’s display rumors. At this point there appears to be a consensus on 4.7- inches.

 For all we know, Apple might not be willing to go above 4.3 inches this year. The company hasn’t made its plans clear, and some analysts are of the view that it won’t stray away from its traditional fall release cycle for new iPhones. Whatever the case may be, it’s best to take such leaked parts with a grain of salt; things are far from confirmed.

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