Being one of the first X800GT to reach Singaporean shores, we were very
interested to see what’s under the hood of this Powercolor X800GT. Especially since this card is a cut down, lower cost version of high end X800/X850 parts. We also faintly heard rumors that this card features a R430 or
even a R480 core. This comes as no surprise, since it would mean that these cores
are downgraded cores, due to either market requirements or defective

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the card in closer detail:


powercolor X800GT8 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe 

This is how the card looks like, without the large but slim
heatsink / fan.


powercolor X800GT7 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe

This Powercolor X800GT comes with a R480 core! Typically meant
for high end X850Pro / X850XT cards, the R480 core made it’s way to this mid
range card. Good news for overclockers!


Powercolor X800GT retail2 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe

Samsung 2ns GDDR3 memory is found on this card. At factory
stock settings, it is clocked at 980MHz, while theoretically such memory can reach 1GHz without problems.


powercolor X800GT3 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe

This is how the back of the card looks like, when it has the
heatsink / fan mounted onto the card.


powercolor X800GT4 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe

The mounting mechanism of the heatsink is simple yet very effective. Secured by 2 spring loaded screws and a cross bar, the contact
between the heatsink and the core is kept perfect.


powercolor X800GT5 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe

This is the heatsink itself. In order to prevent the crushing
of the core caused by tilting of the heatsink, Powercolor included 4 thick
rubber pads. These pads will prevent such tilting from occurring. However, RAMs
are not cooled by the heatsink at all. It would be better if Powercolor had
designed a heatsink to cater for that.


powercolor X800GT6 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe

A close up look at the fan label. Although rated at 0.39A, the
fan is barely audible at idle, and only produces a slight hum at full load.


powercolor X800GT2 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe

Dual DVI outputs and a S-Video out for this card. Great for
dual monitor LCD users!