The bundled accessories that come with this card is decent but nothing much to
shout about. A full version of the game
Pacific Fighters is included in this package, together with the standard bunch
of cables and driver software.

powercolor X800GT9 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe

The standard cables that are included in the package, together
with a DVI to VGA converter to cater for CRT and analog LCD users.


powercolor X800GT10 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe

The User’s Manual, Driver CD, a Pacific Fighters game guide
and a Pro Pack are among the remaining items in the package.


powercolor X800GT11 Powercolor Radeon X800GT PCIe

In the Pro Pack envelope, there is the Pacific Fighters game
discs, and a Cyberlink DVD Solution disc. The Cyberlink disc includes software
like PowerDVD, PowerDirector SE, and Power Producer DVD.