Here’s how the card looks like when totally stripped off its
cooling solution. The “R43CA” part number printed on the top of the card,
happens to be the part number for PowerColor X800XL. Could this card be a
rebadged X800XL?

Here’s a close up picture of the core. Unlike the Connect3D
X800GTO we’ve seen a while ago, the core powering this card happens to be an
R430 core. Such cores are based on the newer 110nm process and are used mostly
on X800XL cards.

There are 8 of such memory modules onboard the card. These
RAMs are rated at 2.0ns and are capable of hitting 1GHz. However, the default
memory clockspeed for this card is just 980MHz.

The heatsink design for this card is the same one as
PowerColor X800GT and X800XL. With a 0.39A fan mounted on the heatsink, it
spins rather silently yet still able to cool the card fairly well.