You don’t judge a book by its cover, and neither do you judge a graphics accelerator by packaging. However, the forces of advertising means that the most desirable and interesting features of a new product line can be often be found printed on the package.

Here’s how TNT sent them; crumpled at the edges.

HD and low noise cooling. Is PowerColor thrusting this card at HTPC enthusiasts?

VIVO, Vista and VRAM.

RoHS compliance, else you don’t get to buy them.

Drivers disc and PowerDVD is included in the bundle, along with an illustrated manual.

AVIVO opens up I/O possibilities and PowerColor has included almost everything you need to get the card up and running in most situations.

Furious and raging red, guaranteed to catch attention in your PC, or to complement your Abit tomatoes.

Multitaskers rejoice! Dual DVI!

Power draw exceeds that of PCIe slot standards, so you’d need to feed extra power for this graphics accelerator via this.

ATi’s Rage Theater chipset handling VIVO and video processing functions.

Don’t confuse this with nVIDIA’s SLI. This is ATi’s answer to dongle-less fullspeed Crossfirepower.