The PowerColor X800 Pro card is clocked at 475Mhz
core and 900Mhz for the onboard 256MB GDDR3. The suggested retail price for this
card is at US$ 435. There is the PowerColor GPU cooler on the card which is the
same as the default cooler that ATi uses for the reference X800 Pro card but
there are no ram sinks to cool the memory modules at the front and back of the

The R420 core which features 12 pixel pipelines is made by
TSMC Taiwan in Week 14 of Year 2004.


This card is using the Samsung 2ns GDDR3 memory which has an
effective data rate of 1000Mbps/pin and the memory on this card has some more
lee-way to go since it is clocked at 900Mhz.


This card comes with a DVI-out, S-Video and VGA connector.


An additional 12V ATX power connector is required by to attain
maximum performance of the card but the power consumption of this card still
remains relatively comparable to the 9800XT.