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Powermat aims to expand its reach this year


Powermat debut their cableless induction device charging last year, and this year, the maker has announced new product lines as well as expanding its reach worldwide. Its just a matter of time when you can find one in the store near you. Imagine the convenience of charging your mobile devices without the hassle of adapters and cables.

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain (February 15, 2010) – Powermat will expand its reach at an ambitious rate of one global market per month through the end of 2010. The bold announcement was made today in support of the unyielding appetite of partners around the world, who have called upon the wireless charging pioneer to access every market that can benefit from wireless energy.

Just four months ago, Powermat launched its premiere product line in the US to great success as consumers flocked to stores with over 750,000 units shipped and widespread sell outs in just the first two months of availability. Having solidified a stronghold on the consumer market, Powermat will now introduce new supportive technology aimed at the OEM. The company will pioneer its new Adaptive ASIC (A²) chip; a breakthrough achieved by miniaturizing Powermat technology to a level that allows for seamless integration into virtually any device. Adaptive ASIC draws on infrastructure already in place by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) as a basis for adapting Powermat wireless capability to fit the need of the OEM rather than the other way around.

The company will also introduce an entirely new line of products in 2010, which offer consumers additional options in both the number of devices they can wirelessly charge as well as the number of ways they can charge them.

Powermat 2010 Product Introductions

Powermat Receivers
The Powermat Powerpak receiver provides seamless integration into virtually any phone by allowing consumers to upgrade to wireless charging with no change to the phone’s ergonomics and design. More than a dozen models from HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson will debut by June 2010. Powermat also expands its support of the iPhone 3G/3GS by introducing 2 new models; a silicone case receiver and an extended battery case receiver, which combines the dual benefits of extended battery life and wireless charging.

Powermat Home & Office Mats
Powermat will launch a sleek new line of single, double and triple position mats for home and office use – Powermat 1X, Powermat 2X & Powermat 3X. These new models offer a wider range of price points to a broader audience. Powermat will also offer Prepack Bundles, whereby a charging mat is bundled together with a receiver; such as the Powermat 1X single position mat with iPhone Receiver Case, or Powermat 2X double position mat with Powercube.

Powermat Portable Mat
Embedded into a double position portable mat – Powermat Portable 2X – is a high capacity battery, which allows users to charge their devices without the need to plug into an outlet. The mat also folds into a sleek carrying case for easy portability and comes complete with a set of international plugs.

Powermat Netbook Mat
The Powermat 3X Netbook is a complete charging solution that simultaneously charges both a netbook and 2 additional low power devices such as phones, music players, Bluetooth headsets, eBooks and more. Since Netbooks are also coveted for their easy portability, the Powermat Netbook mat folds into a carrying case to maintain that convenience.

Powermat Car Charger
Powermat extends its reach to motorists by introducing the Powermat Car Charger, which eliminates the constant need to plug and unplug when entering and exiting a car. The Powermat Car Charger wirelessly charges hundreds of devices while travelling on the road with a simple Drop & Charge.

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