Power supplies are flooding the market. Two appeared on our doorsteps and we took them through the torture. PSU for dummies!

Power supplies are essential to every PC system’s operation. Beyond that, the stability and longevity of the system is also affected by the power supply. Thanks to intense rallying in the late nineties, most PC builders today do invest a considerable sum in power supplies. Options have grown significantly too, to the extent that it becomes confusing. Is the unsuspecting PC builder paying for features he doesn’t need? Or is he being tricked into believing he is getting what he paid for?

“Bling,” like LED fans, Techflex sleeving, and modularity serve to improve the attractiveness of the product. To keep power supplies flying off the shelves, it takes more than just another SMPS slapped with ATX holes. Today, we take a look at two Power Supply Unit (PSU) from Silverstone and FSP. Both are characteristically different and aimed at rather different market spectrums.

In the next page, we’d take a brief look at the two and do a little pictorial walk-through. Prior to that, keep in mind that this article is not a shootout, but a curious investigation of what is on the shelves right now.