LG is ready to launch its first smartphone with a curved screen. The mobile will be called the G Flex, and will be available sometime next month.

lg-g flex 1

LG is preparing its own entry into the curved smartphone screen space.

Samsung already announced its curved screen offering, the Galaxy Round. Whereas the Galaxy Round featured a concave screen that curved from left to right, the LG’s upcoming G Flex will be curved orthogonally, from top to bottom. From the leaked images, it does look like the G Flex will have a more pronounced curve than the Galaxy Round.

Internal sources indicate that the curved screen on the G Flex will be a 6-inch offering, which is bigger than Samsung’s 5.7-inch curved screen on the Galaxy Round. The screen is said to be unbreakable, and is made of plastic.


While LG has stated that it has begun mass production of the screen, it has not mentioned the resolution. Samsung’s curved screen is of the full-HD variety, so we just have to wait and see if LG will match its South Korean rival in this regard. Other hardware details are not known at this stage, but the device should be a high-end offering with similar innards as the LG G2.

Source: Engadget