Need to know how your Extreme (QX9650) fairs against the new Extreme – Intel’s (Nehalem) Core i7 Extreme 965 Socket 1366. Is it a fair fight or a simple pushover. Read as we pit them against each other in a synthetic benchmark fight using 3DMark Vantage. And if that isn’t juicy enough we will overclock the CPUs upto 4.0GHz.

Intel introduced a whole new lineup of processors codenamed ‘Nehalem’ using a new Socket 1366. The ‘Nehalem’ processors are still built on the 45nm (nanometre) process so the big difference will be the architecture and perhaps the return of Hyperthreading. And seeing that the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 (Penryn) is only about a year old, we see if it may have been better to wait the one year to get a Core i7 especially since you need a whole new motherboard and DDR3 RAM. Since we are going to be overclocking the CPUs upto 4.0GHz we use the syntethic benchmark 3DMark Vantage to see how well they scale.