Brother seems to have indirectly found a new, albeit strange way to promote their printers recently, by starring them in their very own dating sim game.


Visual novels that make you date a dinosaur might already look very strange and bizarre, but particular visual novel seems to want to take this concept yet again at a different angle. Yes, it might just be some sort of a wacky advertisement, but there is actually a sort of browser-based dating sim game that introduces a printer as your potential romantic interest.



The name of the game is Koi Suru Brother-kun, translated as “The Loving Brother (printer)”. Like most Japanese dating sims, this game puts you at a high school setting, where Bro-dan the printer has just moved in and transferred in the main character’s school. It’s then up to the player to see how this romantic story would go through and end.



The printer that “starred” in the game is Brother’s DCP-J952-ECO, but if you want to personally meet Bro-dan himself, you can visit the game here (in Japanese).

Source: ITMedia (JP), Brother (JP)


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