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Problems with your iPad’s WiFi? Adjust the screen’s brightness

No, we are not kidding: this is one of the fixes which Apple has listed out on its support webpage to help users who have been facing WiFi problems on their iPad.

Read on to find out more.

We know the iPad has yet to reach our shores, but most people would have already heard of the little WiFi issue with the devices in which users may experience symptoms such as dropped connections, weak WiFi signals, failure to connect to an access point or lack of internet access.

Naturally Apple has come out to address these concerns, promising in its support page that a software update will be made available to correct these issues. That is fine and all, except that Apple had not disclosed any release schedule for this particular update.

And while the world waits for Apple to roll out its promised update, Apple has also kindly listed various methods for users suffering from such WiFi issues to attempt in order to get a proper connection, which we have listed below:

  • Update WiFi router firmware
  • Use WPA or WPA2 encryption instead of WEP
  • Renew IP address
  • Adjust screen brightness
Yes, we’re not kidding; apparently one of the possible WiFi fixes is to simply adjust the iPad’s brightness. We are really not sure how a screen brightness level has anything to do with a misbehaving WiFi connection, but we’ve included a screenshot of the instructions just to prove that we did not make this up.



Of course, we don’t have an iPad to try this fix on, so we cannot comment on whether it will actually work or not. But if we were to get an iPad one day and it does start choking up on WiFi connections, we might probably forgo the screen brightness fix and opt for something more direct, like a flathead screwdriver or spudger. Now, iPad, if you be so kind as to turn over and present your rear, please?

Source: Apple support page via Ars Technica

Disclaimer: Please take note that your mileage may vary. We cannot take responsibility for any iPads that may have tragically probed to death in the process of administering the cure. If in doubt, always consult Apple tech support before attempting any self-medication to the iPad.

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