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Prolimatech Genesis CPU Cooler Review

Undoubtedly, the Prolimatech Genesis is one of the largest, if not the largest, CPU cooler available in the retail market today. The massive size of this cooler however is due to its strange design, not because of excessive mass and or overly large fins, as the Genesis weighs a cozy 800gr without fans installed, considerably less than many other high performance coolers. Prolimatech essentially designed a dual tower cooler and brought the second tower horizontally, creating a hybrid between a C-type and a tower cooler. Although this design does have certain advantages, it also has one obvious major disadvantage; the Genesis requires a lot of space, despite the fact that both fin arrays are not particularly dense and or wide. 

Each fins array consists of 42 relatively narrow aluminum fins with jagged edges, designed in such a way so as to improve the aesthetics of the cooler while providing the essential shape required by fan clipping wires. Each fin, with the exception of the two top ones which are a single solid piece, actually consists of two long and narrow pieces which are interconnected to each other and clinging onto the heatpipes in the middle of the array.

Six thick 6mm ID heatpipes are moving through the base of the cooler and transfer the heat generated by the CPU to each side of the cooler. The company nickel plated the heatpipes, enhancing the aesthetics of their design but also protecting the soft copper from long term oxidation/corrosion damage.

We found the base of the Genesis to be the best we have ever seen on a Prolimatech product. The copper bottom half of the base has been nickel plated and is machined down to a perfect mirror finish, without the slightest imperfection to be found. As is the case with most high performance coolers, only the bottom half of the base is essential for the heat transfer mechanism, with the top half of the base being made out of aluminum and used only by the socket retention mechanisms.

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