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Prolimatech Lynx CPU Cooler Review

Prolimatech’s Lynx is unlike any other of their coolers we have seen to date. When enthusiasts hear the name “Prolimatech”, complex towering constructs instantly come in mind. The Lynx might be a tower cooler but it also is surprisingly compact and frugal. It is unusually narrow, measuring only 28mm wide, about the depth of the cooling fan supplied with the cooler; however the Lynx is quite tall, measuring 160mm in height, making it unsuitable for use with low-profile PC cases.

With the cooler being very narrow, the surface of the cooling fins is limited. In order to counteract the lack of space, Prolimatech made the fins very thin, increasing their numbers and heat dissipation capabilities. The fins are mechanically attached to each other at all four edges, keeping them from getting easily bent.

Three 6mm copper heatpipes run though the base of the Lynx, transferring the heat generated by the CPU to the aluminum fins. The heatpipes are nickel plated, matching the color theme of the rest of the cooler.

The lower part of the cooler’s base is made out of nickel plated copper and is very smooth, although not machined down to a mirror finish, while the rest of the base is made out of solid aluminum. Although the base of the cooler appears exceptionally well made and very smooth, it is strange that we found it slightly discolored by what later proved to be persistent residue from the warning sticker. Normally, warning stickers are not supposed to leave any kind of residue once removed.

The fan supplied with the Lynx is an aesthetically neutral black 120mm fan. The fan is PWM controller and can have its speed adjusted between 800RPM and 1600RPM by your motherboard’s BIOS. We could not trace the OEM of the fan but after dismantling the fan we found out that it was using a simple but well made sleeve bearing engine.

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