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Prolimatech Lynx CPU Cooler Review

The installation of the Prolimatech Lynx cooler is not difficult, although it requires the removal of the motherboard from the case and the overall procedure might feel a little too complex to beginners. The AMD socket (AM2/AM3/FM1) installation is demonstrated in this review.

In order for the Lynx to be installed onto an AMD socket, the AMD retention braces need to be screwed on the base of the cooler. Unlike the retention braces intended for Intel processors, the AMD braces need to be facing inwards, towards the body of the cooler. The braces are easily secured by using a common Philips screwdriver.

The second step is the installation of the cooler on the CPU. After applying a thin film of thermal compound on the CPU, the user needs to place the AMD retention backplate into place and the cooling body onto the CPU core. Finally, four spring loaded screws are being used to fasten the cooler on the backplate, firmly securing the cooler on the CPU. However, significant pressure is required for the spring loaded screws to reach the backplate, meaning that it would prove very difficult to install this cooler if the motherboard is still inside a case, even if the case has the motherboard tray cut open.

After the cooler is firmly secured on the CPU, the only pending task is the installation of the cooling fan. This is an easy task, as the fan is simply held onto the cooler’s body by using small wire clips. Even with the fan installed the Lynx is very narrow and will not come near any of the RAM slots, allowing the installation of virtually any kind of RAM module regardless of their height.

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