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Prolimatech Panther CPU Cooler Review

The Panther is a fairly large tower CPU cooler; not as large as the monstrous Megahalems but almost twice as large as the Lynx, indicating that this is a cooler designed for high performance but not targeted towards hardcore overclockers and crazed enthusiasts. In order to improve the aesthetic value of their product, Prolimatech nickel-plated every copper part of the cooler.

Alongside with the copper heatpipes, the top aluminum fin has also been nickel-plated and creates a mirror-like effect. The cooler's logo is also discretely embossed on the top fin of the cooler.

The large aluminum fins of the Panther provide ample heat dissipation surface. According to Prolimatech, the distance between the fins has been calculated in order to improve performance and minimize turbulence noise. The fins are also interconnected with each other, preventing them from getting easily bent if pressed. Unlike other manufacturers however, who are usually trying to make the edge of the fins as rounded as possible, the fins of the Panther are jagged and form multiple sharp points. As a result, some caution is required while handling this cooler.

Four thick 6mm ID heatpipes are moving through the base of the cooler and transfer the heat generated by the CPU to the aluminum fins. As we mentioned above, the company nickel plated the heatpipes, enhancing the aesthetics of the Panther, while protecting the soft copper from long term oxidation/corrosion damage.

The base of the Panther cooler is very smooth and shiny. Although the company did not polish the base down to a mirror finish, the craftsmanship is undoubtedly excellent.

The S1202512LNP-4M fan supplied with the Panther is most distinct feature of this product, as it is currently the only CPU cooler which Prolimatech supplies with a fan included in the retail box. The sleeve bearing fan has PWM control which allows the motherboard to adjust its speed between 800RPM and 1600RPM. At maximum speed, the company claims that it can supply up to 72CFM at about 30dB(A).

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