Prolinkfront PROLiNK Glee TA 009 Netbook

The PROLiNK Glee TA-009 comes in black, pearl white and midnight blue, and our review unit is the black version. Interestingly, it is preinstalled with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit RC1 (Build 7100) rather than Windows XP. Thankfully, our benchmark software were able to run on that operating system or we would have to replace it with Windows XP.

The 1.3-megapixel web camera is positioned above the 10.1-inch TFT LCD display (with four rubber pads to protect the screen when you close the lid.

Prolinkleft PROLiNK Glee TA 009 Netbook

On the left of the Glee TA-009 holds the power connector, VGA out, RJ-45 Ethernet and USB port.

Prolinkright PROLiNK Glee TA 009 Netbook

The audio (headphone and microphone) jacks, two USB ports, multi-card reader and Kensington lock hole can be seen on the right.

 PROLiNK Glee TA 009 Netbook

PROLiNK did not adopt the chic-let style keyboard unlike some of the latest netbooks/mini notebook PCs in the market. The alphabet buttons are almost equal in size, though they are slightly smaller than the standard keyboard-sized. Even the spacebar is made shorter in order to fit the keys.

You will find the left and right buttons of the touchpad are on both sides, rather than its usual placement of being below the touchpad. Nevertheless, it should not ruin your navigation experience much. Of course, if you hate using the touchpad, just plug in a USB mouse.

Prolinkrear PROLiNK Glee TA 009 Netbook

Our review unit comes with the 3-cell Lithium-ion battery, but if you are going to be on a long trip, do consider getting the 6-cell instead.

Prolinkrear2 PROLiNK Glee TA 009 Netbook

We noticed a SIM card slot near the battery contact point when we removed the battery pack which is intended for 3.5G internet access (provided you have a data plan). However, our unit does not have the modem installed, which means this is an option if you need it.