As you can see, the front of the card is completely covered up
and there is a fan in the center as well as the LCD display on top. The overall
feel of this card is good.

At the back of the card, there are no memory chips since all the
128MB GDDR memory is found at the front of the card and it still allows another
128MB to be packed here.


The aluminum cover is removed together with the LCD display
attached to it and the cooler below is exposed.


The NV35 core is hidden beneath the heat cap that helps to improve heat
dissipation and it is built on the Flip Chip package. The markings on the heat
cap show that the die is manufactured by TSMC Taiwan in Week 29, Year 2003 with
revision A1. The GPU is running at a relatively low clock speed of 390Mhz.


Prolink uses the Hynix HY5DU283222AF-28 GDDR memory in 144 Ball
FBGA package located at the front the card with 4Mx32 array. The
HY5DU283222AF-28 has an effective data rate of 700Mbps/pin which corresponds to
the memory clock of the card at 700Mhz.


An additional 12V ATX power connector is required by to attain
maximum performance of the card.


This card has a DVI-out, S-Video and VGA connector.

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