Apple’s cooking up a couple upgrades for their hardware line-up to be revealed later this year and one of those things is the new iPhone 5S. New on the inside at least.


What you’re seeing in the picture above that was shared by MacRumors is the iPhone 5S on the left and the iPhone 5 on the right. As they note, the chip on the 5S is sporting a model number of APL0698 which is likely to be a chip that Apple will dub the A7, which probably indicates a notable increase in performance. This is discovered by comparing it to the model numbers of previous A6 and A6X chips which use the digits 598 in them whereas this one uses 698.

As for other changes that can be expected in the iPhone 5S from looking at the pictures have have been shared recently.  There will also be a dual-LED flash to help with improved low-light imaging.  This can be seen in the image below, also from MacRumors.


Other things that were discovered include the possibility of a bigger battery than the iPhone 5 and also the same amount of RAM. Another possibility is that this phone could feature a chip from TSMC rather than Samsung which would mark a significant shift in Apple’s supply chain.

Source: MacRumors