The municipal council in Provo, Utah has approved the city's plan to sell their fiber network to Google, but it will come at a price.

Provo, Utah will soon become the third city to make use of Fiber, Google's fiber internet service. This comes after the plan to sell their existing and costly fiber network to the search giant was approved by Provo's municipal council. It was previously reported that Google will pay $1 for the existing fiber network, and then spend five years, and up to $30 million expanding it. The city will be forced to pay $1.7 million in equipment and engineering costs before the deal goes, however.


In addition to the $1.7 million up front payment, the city of 120,000 will also have to pay $39 million over the next 12 years for building the network. In exchange for this however, Google is promising a 5-megabit connection to Provo's residents, free of charge, for the next 7 years. Admittedly, 5-megabits is not very much by today's standards, but if you do the math, it works out to about $30 per year for each person. That's still a good deal.