Sony Computer Entertainment has finally released the Playstation Vita's software update 2.00. Some of the new things in this update include improved web browsing functionality, a mail app upgrade, and more.

A new update for the Sony Playstation Vita's firmware is now available as of November 20, 2012. A good majority of the new upgrades, options and features in this update has to do with enhancing the portable unit's internet and networking functionality. In addition, this update also marks the official inclusion of the Playstation Vita to the Playstation Plus premium service.

PS Vita's new mail app in the 2.00 update

Specifics of the added features in the new update are as follows:

  1. Playstation Plus is now available on the unit. Users of the console can now enjoy several premium services such as free game downloads, purchase discounts, download/upload of cloud-based save data, and exclusive download content packages.
  2. An email option has been added to its home interface. The PS Vita now has an email client app, enabling you to view or download email in your registered email address when it is connected to the internet.
  3. Content management is enhanced. Data transfer and file management is now made more versatile for the PS Vita. For example, you can now send and receive files to and from your PC via wi-fi.
  4. Browser layout and functionality is improved. The PS Vita can now "economize" web pages to make them load faster, and now has better compatibility with JavaScript and HTML5 content.
  5. The "near" feature's screen gets a minor refit, and gets added with more features. Additionally, the friend activity menu is now moved to the LiveArea Friend menu.
  6. The map app now includes weather information. The map will now show weather forecasts, and can send overall ground data to the registered email address in the PS Vita.
  7. Notification systems can now be edited. This includes all other apps that provide notifications and announcements.
  8. There are now more apps that also use the PS Vita's hard buttons. This is supposedly made to make access and editing in apps faster and easier.

Source: 4Gamer (JP), Playstation (JP)