Yesterday, Microsoft let gamers know that they would have to pay $60 a year for Xbox Live Gold in order to record and share gameplay videos online. Sony, once again, took this as an opportunity to let gamers know they have the better gaming platform.

PlayStation 4 User Interface UI

The news comes directly from the Twitter account of Sony Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida. He personally replied to multiple queries from gamers asking if they would have to pay for PlayStation Plus in order to record, live-stream and share gameplay videos.

This adds to the PlayStation 4’s already heavy list of advantages over the Xbox One. Besides being more powerful, less expensive, having a removable hard drive, cheaper online subscription and arguably better exclusives, the PlayStation 4 automatically records the last seven minutes of gameplay (two more than Xbox One), and allows you share it online without paying a yearly subscription.

In other news, earlier today the gaming community had its first glimpse at the PlayStation 4’s user interface for seeing other people’s gameplay, live or pre-recorded:

playstation 4 share gameplay videos

Stay tuned to VR-Zone! Perhaps Microsoft will follow Sony’s footsteps, once again.

via EGM


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