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PS4 MMO War Thunder seeing holiday release

War Thunder, an MMO for the upcoming PlayStation 4 has been revealed to have a holiday 2013 release date.

Gaijin Entertainment is behind War Thunder, a military vehicle MMO which has already seen success on PC but is still awaiting release on consoles. The developers are hoping to attract a new audience by making the leap to next gen consoles and introducing themselves to the PlayStation 4.

“We're convinced that our cooperation with Sony will not only make the War Thunder franchise better, but it will give our fans a new level of gaming experience that will figuratively blown their mind,” said Kirill Yudintsec, creative director with Gaijin. “Partnering with Sony Computer Entertainment is the most natural progression for the War Thunder brand, from our hugely successful beginnings on PC with more than 1.5m players, to our recent announcement that War Thunder is under development for mobile devices. We are excited to bring War Thunder to the leading next-generation platform, the PS4.”


Gaijin hopes to make use of the PS4's hardware to deliver new social and cloud based gaming features and they indicated head tracking support as well as full PlayStation Cloud support. At this point, there is no precise date for the console release, but Gaijin has stated that it will be out in time for the holidays, thus likely making it a launch title for the PS4. Check out the trailer below:


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