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PS4 price is a challenge to smartphones

The PlayStation 4 has been priced at $399. This is a competitive figure which will put to rest the idea that consoles will be made redundant by smartphones, says Sony’s Jack Tretton.

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At the Sony press conference during E3, the new PlayStation 4 was revealed to be priced at $399, a price which Sony’s Jack Tretton says is a challenge to the rise of smartphones. He believes the price is competitive and will put an end to the idea that console gaming is becoming irrelevant. This comes shortly after Tretton spoke at AllthingsD, where he also addressed whether console gaming was becoming redundant in light of the rise of smartphone games. Tretton said quite simply that such a development is “what people who aren’t really into gaming think is happening.” During an interview at E3, he added: “Turn to anyone, any of the gamers here in this crowd and ask them if they’re turning to smartphones and tablets over consoles, and then run.”



Jack Tretton

Most gamers will recognize that the PS4 is priced at $100 less than the new Xbox, a reversal of last generation when the very expensive PS3 launched for $599 in the US. “Frankly, we executed our strategy… and regardless of what Microsoft would have announced, our price was our price.” said Tretton, “Look, being at a price premium is a challenge, one that we certainly haven’t enjoyed.” The reason the price of the PS4 will stand as a challenge to smart phones however, is not because of the Xbox, but because it is also priced $100 cheaper than the current generation iPad.

Via Gamesindustry International

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