According to recent reports, gamers who opt in for the PS4 won’t be able to voice chat with their current USB or Bluetooth-powered gaming headsets upon the console’s launch–not even with premium PS3-branded headsets like the Sony Pulse.

PS3 Bluetooth Headset

The news itself was gleaned by Game Informer, who reached out to Sony to weigh in on the subject.

Sony’s response entailed that gamers could still use their pre-existing headsets for audio purposes, but voice chatting won’t be supported until a system update is issued sometime after the console’s Nov. 15 launch.

While every PlayStation 4 comes bundled with a mono headset to ensure voice chatting is still an option, this may be little solace to those who have already picked up a higher-end gaming headset and won’t be able to use it come launch day.

PS4 Headset

Xbox One users will also face a similar problem on the console’s Nov. 22 launch, as an adapter is needed in order to use Xbox 360 and third-party headsets with the Xbox One. In one of the company’s numerous policy reversals, Microsoft announced that it will indeed produce these adapters to make legacy audio devices compatible.

Like the PS4, all Xbox One’s come bundled with a headset as well.

The exact date of the PS4’s system update is unknown, as is the timeframe when Microsoft will be readying their adapters. Hopefully we’ll see them both introduced soon after each console’s respective launch in November.

Via Game Informer


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