New footage has arisen that takes an up close and personal look at every nuance of Sony’s next-gen contender, highlighting the console’s eye-catching form factor and overall edgy shape.

Silver PS4

Let’s face it: Sony’s PS4 is one of the most gorgeous pieces of hardware to roll off the Japanese console-maker’s assembly lines. No matter which angle the PS4 is looked upon, its trapezoidal shape is a sight to behold, and has gone lengths in re-defining the PlayStation brand as a whole.

When Tetsu Samii was designing the PS4, he wanted it to be eye-catching from all sides; from the top to the bottom, every angle should be consistently represented. Many gamers around the world would agree that Samii’s final design did the trick quite well.

Since Andrew House held up the first PS4 for all the world to see back in February, the console has become the flagship of Sony’s new PlayStation identity and an icon within the industry itself.

Now we get another great look at the PS4’s exterior with a brand new trailer courtesy of GamesHQMedia that emphasizes every angle of the console, presenting it in an alluring way that teases Sony fans everywhere. The footage also highlights the PS4’s specs and is clocked at little over a minute.

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