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PSU Review – Corsair TX850 V2

While the exterior of the TX850 V2 still resembles the first version of the unit, the same cannot be said about the insides of the power supply. Corsair even went with an entirely different OEM, ditching the Channel Well PSH platform for a brand new Seasonic design. It does look a little cramped, with a lot of glue securing everything tightly into place. The heatsinks appear good and perhaps a little oversized; and they better be, Corsair rated this power supply at 50°C ambient temperature.

The very strong filtering stage of the unit starts at the back of the AC plug and consists of six Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors, three ferrite coils and a surge suppressing MOV total.

The primary rectifier is mounted on a very good dedicated heatsink. Two Rubycon 400V/330μF capacitors can be seen at the primary side of the power supply. Most of the secondary side capacitors are made by Nippon Chemi-Con but a single Rubycon capacitor can be found right by the 5VSB transformer. There were no manufacturing and/or soldering quality problems to be found.

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