What is most peculiar about the NAXN 82+ 750W unit is that it is not an Enermax design. It would seem that Enermax wants to stick to designing only top-end power supplies and they are using another OEM to design and build their budget ranges; the NAXN 82+ 750W is based on a High Power (also known as Sirtec or Sirfa) design.

Enermax went with a decent filtering stage and installed four Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors, two ferrite coils and a surge suppressing MOV.

The company went with very good heatsinks for the primary and secondary side, with the primary rectifier mounted on a much simpler but separate heatsink. One Nippon Chemi-Con KMR 400V/390μF capacitor rated at 105°C can be seen at the primary side of the power supply. Every single of the secondary side capacitors is made by Teapo.