Unlike what most people would expect from a short power supply which is able to output up to 700W, the interior of the Aurum Gold unit is very roomy and tidy. As we mentioned before FSP designs and manufactures their own power supplies, therefore this layout design is clearly their own.

The filtering stage of the unit starts at the back of the AC plug and consists of four Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors and three ferrite coils; however we were unable to locate a surge-suppressing MOV.

The heatsinks of the power supply are fairly small for the kind of power output it can deliver; however considering its very high efficiency they should not prove to be a problem. The primary rectifier is mounted on its own small golden heatsink.

One Rubycon 450V/390μF capacitor can be seen at the primary side of the power supply. Most of the secondary side capacitors are made by CapXon, except from a single lone Teapo capacitor. The manufacturing quality and soldering job are flawless, with no imperfections to be found anywhere around the unit.

As advertised, the Aurum has four 12V lines. The first line is powering the ATX connector and all of the Molex/SATA connectors, the second line is powering the CPU, while the third and fourth lines each powers two of the PCIe connectors.

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