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Purported flex cable for sixth generation iPod touch spotted online

In all of the products that Apple is rumored to be releasing in the near future, there’s no mention of a new iPod touch. Today a purported flex cable of the sixth generation iPod touch has been spotted, leading many to believe that the company might launch a refreshed model of its prime music player.


Apple has said in the past that the iPod touch accounts for almost have of its total iPod sales. It is no doubt a great device, one that serves as the perfect entry level device for those who want to get a feel of the iOS ecosystem. Just last year Apple released the fifth generation iPod touch with massive upgrades, such as a bigger display, better internal hardware and a range of color options. This is the first that we’ve heard of the possibility of a new iPod touch being released this year.

By just looking at this flex cable it is impossible to form an idea about the improvements that the alleged sixth generation iPod touch will bring. The particular cable is tasked with connected the power and volume buttons at the top of the device with the iPod’s internal hardware. There obviously remains the possibility that this component doesn’t belong to the next generation iPod at all, the authenticity of this leak can definitely be called in to question.

For now, the company itself hasn’t hinted if it plans on refreshing the entire iPod line, or even just the iPod touch. We’ve not heard any rumors about this prospect recently. Nevertheless, if the sixth generation iPod touch is going to be released soon, we’re going to be seeing a lot of such leaks in the near future then.

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