A new DLC pack from IO Interactive allows Agent 47 to wear Adam Jensen's stylish cybernetic outfit from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The new 'Deus Ex DLC' for Hitman: Absolution isn't really a full-fledged DLC that adds new missions, but is instead a small add-on that offers a brand new disguise in the form of Adam Jensen's armor from the popular prequel game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Gamers can perform stylish executions while wearing Jensen's definitive cyberpunk outfit, offering an interesting opportunity to add that distinct stylish visual flair to every assassination.

Also available is the Zenith Gun add-on that brings even more Deus Ex-themed authenticism to Agent 47's arsenal, allowing use of the iconic pistol while competing in-game in Contracts Mode.

The newly released Deus Ex DLC trailer on Hitman Absolution's official YouTube page offers a glimpse of the new Deus Ex DLC disguise and the Zenith Handgun add-ons in action, showing their sleek cyberpunk style while Agent 47 kills with incredible efficiency.

The Deus Ex DLC and Zenith Handgun add-ons are now available for Hitman: Absolution for 80 Microsoft Points ($1) each on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, PlayStation Network, and Windows PC platforms.