linksys Quakecon 2004

Linksys was on site to show off a variety of their product line from wireless network cards and routers to their new network storage link. Linksys also sponsored the LAN with numerous switches to keep the BYOC area fragging.

cod Quakecon 2004

Activision had two booths set up; the first a Doom3 booth featured a playable demo if Doom3 on the Xbox console while the other a World War 2 field tent allowed its visitors to play some of the multiplayer from the new expansion to Call of Duty called United Offense.

chenbro1 Quakecon 2004

Chenbro was on the scene to show off their selection cases and also sponsored the event, running Photoshop and Mapping contests.

chenbro2 Quakecon 2004

Chenbro’s yet to be released flagship case; the Gaming Bomb 2 was on display and getting a lot of attention.

amd Quakecon 2004

AMD’s area featured a mini theatre filled with leather couches, coffee tables, high performance laptops and a big screen TV playing movie after movie. AMD also had a number of Athlon64 gaming systems on display.

via Quakecon 2004

VIA had several performance gaming systems based on their chipsets and also displayed some EPIA solutions. VIA ran their first annual Master Modder contest which featured a grand prize of $ 2000.

creative Quakecon 2004

Creative Labs demonstrated their sound card and surround sound speaker setups in both Movies and Games.