Some recently released benchmarks of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 series products are proving that once again there’s something to look forward to if you’re planning on buying a new tablet late this year and early next year.

Slashgear got their hands on Qualcomm’s reference slate and smartphone featuring the Snapdragon 800, and needless to say the devices did their part in crunching out impressive benchmark numbers.

For simplicity sake,  here’s a little chart for comparison:

The number won’t impress you much if you’re looking the head to head comparison between the 600 and 800 in smartphones, but the jump is quite large when it comes to the tablet.  For comparison purposes, the AnTuTu score for the Snapdragon 800 slate is comparable to that of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4.

As a quick disclaimer, the hardware used in the benchmarks aren’t finalized, so we will most likely see the numbers climb once Qualcomm and OEMs produce finalized products.