Qualcomm has acquired 2,400 issued and pending patents from Hewlett-Packard.


The smartphone market has been plagued with patent wars in recent years, and for a major player like Qualcomm, maintaining a robust IP portfolio is crucial to its growth and survival.  HP, despite its dominance in the PC market, was not able to capitalize on the boom of mobile technologies such as smartphone and tablets.

Qualcomm, however, has been active in the mobile market, and is now seeking to strengthen that grip.  The San Diego-based chip-maker announced earlier this week that it has acquired 2,400 issued and pending patents from HP to add to its “industry-leading mobile patent portfolio.”

The patents acquisition includes those that are related Palm, which HP acquired in 2010 for $1.2 billion.  Neither company commented on how much money exchanged hands, but Qualcomm did mention that the patents do cover key “technologies that include fundamental mobile operating system techniques.”

As the smartphone and tablet market dwindles somewhat in noticeable innovations, it appears Qualcomm is gearing up to tackle another subset of the mobile race—wearables.  One can only guess as to what Qualcomm will do with the trove of HP patents.  Hopefully, they’ll be put to use in a meaningful way for consumers, and less for patent trolling.