Quantic Dream has released a new demo displaying the technology that will eventually power next-gen titles for the PlayStation 4.

If you were impressed with Quantic Dream’s work with Heavy Rain, then you’ll undoubtedly want to see more from the Paris-based studio.  With the PS4’s launch just over the horizon, Quantic Dream has unveiled a hard hitting demo, The Dark Sorcerer, which showcases the company’s investment in real-time rendering technology.  *YouTube video below requires age check.

[youtube id=”BqeuHGESZBA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Quantic Dream claims that the demo runs in real time, and there’s absolutely no pre-rendered CG involved.  Moreover, the demo itself is running on prototype technology, and that means the company is only beginning to discover what the PS4’s hardware is capable of.

During the presentation given to us at E3, The Dark Sorcery demo was ridiculously impressive, but until we see a full game rendered in the same way, we’ll continue have our doubts.