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Quick Look: Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Professional

We took off the metal shroud and saw an empty looking PCB. Unlike previous X-Fi or Audigy solutions, there was no sign of discreet opamps or memory cache (X-RAM) or the need for external power.

Here we see a mysterious CA0113 chip used (no idea what it actually does or any signal specs) – my guess is that it is a PCIe bridge chip, since it is wired between the PCIe signal data pins and audio codec (red thing that we'll get to later)


HD Audio connectors for the casing front panel – notice Creative have left solder points and PCB markings that were untapped, implying that there could be more SKUs coming out using the same board design


G-Luxon capacitors used on the board – not exactly audiophille grade…


Back to the mysterious red "heat sink" that was in the middle of the card


WTF – its a plastic cap that doesn't make contact with anything at all


So underneath that fake heatsink, we see a Creative CA0132 chip HDA Codec – again no known specs about it


When in operation, the 2 red LEDs are lit

Lennard Seah
Why can't I have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads

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