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Quick Take: nVidia GeForce 9 Series Motherboard for Intel Processors

YACS (Yet Another ChipSet) to add to the multitude of choices that system and DIY builders face. The question is – can a new entrant, especially from nVidia, bring something new and palatible to the table. Let’s take quick look see….

GeForce Series 9 Motherboard GPU

The death of integrated graphics processors was near but Intel brought it back to life when they released the x4500 GMA (Graphics Media Accelerator) in June 2008. Well, actually it is more like ATI and nVidia has been keeping it alive with their chipsets.

nVidia has upped the ante with the release of their GeForce 9400 and GeForce 9300 (See specification table) chipset with mGPU (motherboard Graphics Processing Unit). There is still a market for integrated graphics for desktop motherboards because the business is driven by System Builders, VARs, and even DIY builders. This select group of buyers are always looking at ways to reduce cost and one way is through component reduction/consolidation.

A motherboard that offers everything, anything but the kitchen sink, at a decent price with decent performance, bells and whistles, is going to win the game and be the next mobo stuck inside your all-in-one pizzabox system.

So, what exactly does nVidia pack into the GeForce Series 9 Motherboard GPU. Let’s take a look.

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