ATI 9800XT (R360) is ready to go and launch this week but
early information indicates that the clockspeeds on this part are only barely
higher than on the 9800 Pro. The 9800P is currently a 380/350 part, as compared
to the 9800XT, which will clock at a blazing 415/365. As for the FX 5950 Ultra
(NV38), while the cooling looks big, he explained, the plastic is a different
kind of plastic to the NV35, and in fact weighs far less – although it does
straddle two slots. The fan is quiet and beats the ATI XT offering by 30dbs or
so. The core speed is officially 475Mhz and is overclockable to 500MHz. The
official launch date of Mr NV38 to be October 10th.

  • Radeon 9800 Pro : 380Mhz Core / 700Mhz Mem
  • Radeon 9800XT : 415Mhz Core / 730Mhz Mem
  • FX5900 Ultra : 450Mhz Core / 850Mhz Mem
  • FX5950 Ultra : 475Mhz Core / 950Mhz Mem