A simple guide to VGPU mod your Radeon X800 Pro card using a pencil!

The way of pencil voltage modding the Radeon X800 Pro is almost
exactly the same as the Radeon 9800XT. I would suggest you to read through the
previous guide
done by Shamino first as it contains more information. You would need a 2B
pencil, a soft eraser and a multimeter.

The GPU voltage measurement point for the X800 Pro is the same
as the 9800XT. Measure the VGPU when the system is running and it should read
1.31v which is much lower than 1.77v on the 9800XT.

Locate the resistor as shown above and start to pencil it
slowly, a few strokes should be sufficient to increase the VGPU from 1.31v to
1.4v. I have tried higher voltages but i have found that any voltage higher than
1.45V seems to be a little too much and the card will start artifacting during
benching. Therefore i have left the VGPU at 1.4v which is pretty sufficient for
air cooling.

With this simple Pencil VGPU mod, i am able to push the core
clock from 475Mhz to 570Mhz and the memory clock can be pushed from 900Mhz to
1184Mhz. You may check out my 3DMark03 score here :