Want a card that gives good cooling, but don’t want to sacrifice performance? This new entry level 6600 will be the answer for you.

It is getting common these days for graphic card makers to team up with big
names that specialize in cooling. Galaxy is no exception. This time, they paired
with Zalman, to come up with some radical cooling. Their Galaxy’s 6600 AGP
(pure) comes pre-installed with a customized Zalman VF-770 full aluminum

Galaxy’s masterpiece. With such cooling, it is almost guaranteed silence, and


Looks like Galaxy had spent a fare bit of time in design. They even included
rubber pads to prevent "tilt" caused by the application of force at 1 end of the
heatsink. Such rubber pads could be found on the core as well.


The rams found on this card. Samsung 3.6ns GDDR1 memory (TSOP).


This new card could be found at ATF Multimedia, and priced at $ 299.