After a video was leaked to the Internet, the Raytheon Company was discovered to have a new type of technology that has the ability to track an individual's physical movements and predict their every move with extreme accuracy.

Raytheon is a security and technology innovation specialist company that focuses on helping governments and large agencies with high-end security.  Raytheon also specializes in U.S. homeland security software and also assists other types of government markets in regards to any needed specialized security.

Normally any type of intelligence gathering software would remain under lock and key to be kept secret but this recently leaked video proves otherwise.  Discovered by the Guardian, this new video shows a rather unsettling demonstration of some powerful Google-like software that can find you using all the popular social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.

In the video we meet the ‘principal investigator' employee for Raytheon by the name of Brian Urch.  Urch calls the software the ‘Rapid Information Overlay Technology’ (RIOT), and for the sake of the demonstration video, he simply integrated only four of the top social media sites to track the individual. 

Urch walks the viewer through the process of how the cyber-tracking software works, and begins by using a Raytheon employee's name just as if you were doing a simple search online.  Following the name query the demonstration shows a list of all the objects for that employee such as cell phone data, image GPS data and any other pertinent information relating to the individual, which includes all personal associations.

Based on the recently leaked video alone it appears that RIOT cannot do any more than what a diligent sleuth at home can do on his or her own computer.  The difference between RIOT and a human is that it compiles all of the data in a matter of seconds or minutes rather than days.  In fact all of the data found in the demonstration video was clearly publicly posted by the person and accessed by the program through a public search.  However, RIOT not only made accurate predictions by analyzing the data but it was able to make a spider diagram of all that person’s closest contacts, habits and so forth.

The Raytheon Company is no stranger to controversial spying software such as this recent discovery.  In a January 13, 2013 memo report from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), they revealed more information into Raytheon's development for software as part of the NSA’s “Perfect Citizens” program.  The “Perfect Citizens” was rumored to be a program that monitors civilians by the use of sensors deployed on private computer networks.  The NSA asserted that the program is just a small part of their research and development program. Contrary to the NSA's statement the material acquired by EPIC by means of the FOIA shows that the program is fully operational and that it is still ongoing.


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