Razer has announced the availability of the new Stealth versions of its BlackWidow and BlackWidow Ultimate series of mechanical gaming keyboards. According to the company, the new Stealth Edition keyboards have been designed to offer the tactility of a typical mechanical keyboard, but with the added benefit of having a much quieter feedback that is reportedly ideal for the “true silent assassins of gaming”.

If you love Razer's line of mechanical gaming keyboards but cannot stand having to deal with the annoying clicky sounds produced by the keyboards' mechanical switches any longer, you are in luck. This is because Razer has just announced the availability of the new Stealth editions of the BlackWidow and BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboards, which the company claims have been designed to deliver the same performance as the non-Stealth versions, but with the added benefit of more quiet feedback.

As they are essentially the same keyboards with quieter switches, the BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition and the BlackWidow Stealth Edition have access to all of the features that are present on their non-stealth counters. In the BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition's case, this includes support for anti-ghosting across the entire keyset to allow for up to six simultaneous key presses, programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording, keys for media control and audio jacks.

The BlackWidow Stealth Edition, on the other hand, drops the anti-ghosting support that is present on the Ultimate edition, but otherwise sports the same features present on the BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition, such as programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording, buttons for multimedia control and the option to disable the Windows key while gaming.

The Razer BlackWidow Stealth Edition and BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition gaming mechanical keyboards are now available for purchase from Razerzone.com at the price of US$79.99 and US$139.99 respectively.