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Razer CEO “disappointed” with current PC Hardware


Min-Liang Tan has come out to say he’s not happy with where PC is going, especially with Windows, HP and Dell

Speaking with The Verge earlier this week, CEO Min-Liang Tan is excited about the release of the upcoming Razer laptops, the 14 and 17-inch Blade Pro, respectively. Earlier in the year, Razer unleashed their Windows 8 powered, Edge and Edge Pro tablets with fairly high praise. Tan is incredibly excited to continue working with Windows 8 and the possibility of 8.1 helping indie developers. He stated features such as booting straight to the desktop and the return of the Start Button were “really cool,” and despite the “hate on Windows 8”, he thinks as an Operating System “it’s OK” and “better than [Windows] 7”.

The Razer CEO stated he was disappointed with companies such as HP and Dell who were “doing a horrible job” with Windows 8 and noted both businesses have done themselves no favours by decrying their PC past. Tan pointed out that “HP tried to get rid of their PC division and Dell said we’re not a PC company anymore; we’re now an enterprise company”. He also went on to praise Apple and how it’s influence lead to the creation of the Blade Pro.  Razer saw the possibility of a business opportunity “after Apple moved out of the 17-inch space.” With Apple focusing more on tablets and different laptop sizes, Tan states that “all of a sudden, we are the only company in town that has a 17-inch laptop, that is super powerful, with a nice, thin form factor.’

The hardware business is big, but only because it’s fairly interchangeable and variety helps drive innovation within certain circles. Even if the hardware doesn’t exist, someone may have the technical know-how to make it happen and they will regardless of big business.  Razer is touting a lot of horns, but hopefully everything will continue to stay in tune.

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