Some more pictures of the mouse as we take a closer look at it from a different


The Razer Copperhead from the front. The 2 ultra large
clicking buttons will be sweet for gamers, providing an easy to reach spot to “fire off some grenades”.



More buttons can be found on the side of this mouse. Now,
side buttons are bigger and easier to click as compared to the older


The underside of the mouse with the Copperhead label.


As said before, the Razer Copperhead comes with a 320nm Laser
engine, responsible for the 2000 dpi sensor. Stated here, it is Class 1 laser
and is safe when exposed to eyes.

Like the DiamondBack, smooth plastic feet are fixed onto
the mouse to provide that extra smoothness when in use. 2 of such feet can be found on each side of the front of the mouse.


The rear portion, has an large piece of feet, to provide
smooth contact between the mouse and the mouse pad.



The Razer Copperhead has a good arch on it’s back. Such an
arch would support the palm and provide a comfortable grip to the mouse.
Compared here is the Viper against the Copperhead in terms of height.


The logo on the back of the back of the mouse pulsates
it’s blue glow every now and then. This adds to the cool appeal I suppose.